Monday, September 10, 2012

Harrisburg Half Marathon

Ok I will make this short this time, since it was a short race. I guess I signed up for this race kind of out of jealousy, everyone else was racing this weekend the Nations Triathlon in DC, the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Nevada, and Ironman Wisconsin. Facebook was buzzing with racing fever and I guess I caught it. I ran the Harrisburg Half twice before and both times were PR so I gave it another go and to see how my training is going.

I waited until Saturday to sign up I guess I wanted to see how the weather was going to be, and it was awesome. I drove down to the "Y" and signed up payed the $60 entry fee and got my bag of stuff, and on the way home ate all the candy that came with in the bag.

So Lisa and I set out for City Island around 6:30 Sunday morning. I warmed up a little met with some TNT'ers Nate, Mary, and Chelsea. We chatted then we all had to go to the bathroom right before we started so I got separated from them at the start. I went to the start line and my stomach wasn't feeling right, but I told myself just suck it up and hope it gets better. So the announcer was announcing stuff (I couldn't hear anything the mega phone wasn't that "MEGA" I guess) eventually the gun went off and we started I worked my way around some groups and eventually got out of the large packs, and I was chasing the faster pack of runners, coming around Metro Bank Park (the baseball field). We took the Market Street bridge and headed south I hit the first mile marker at 6:24 or so. Now I wanted to PR this race and that pace was just about right for me (a little fast but good for the first mile). I settled down to about a 6:30 pace eventually and I was holding that pace for most of the race. We went around that park at PennDOT (I forget what that park is called but it is park of the Greenbelt if that helps anyone) and we came back up through Shipoke I saw Nate and I think Chelsea again and shouted "hi" at them. Then at mile 4 (the first water stop) I got some much needed water and noticed the stomach pains were not there anymore (maybe I out ran them). We ran up along the river until the turn up the bike path right after the Harvey Taylor Bridge, and headed north until Vaughn street I caught one more runner on that stretch and at the near then end we could see the leaders they were probably about 15 minutes a head of us.

Kept going north on Second Street saw Bob Seacord he tried to take a photo with his phone but he wasn't fast enough (Bob, if you are reading this, sorry but I hope you understand I am not slowing down so some person to can take my photo, ask my wife if you don't believe me). We turned and then we were on the back stretch of the course (the part were we start heading for home not the middle of the course) from Third Street back to Vaughn and back to Front Street I caught one more runner on Front Street and picked up a runner that was right on my shoulder at this point. I caught another runner right before we turned to go down by the river. It was a TNT'er named Steve (I heard some guys yell that at him). He passed me and I held on until the ramp by the Walnut Street bridge were him and the guy that was following passed me like Dave Geesemen passed me in junior high track (he was on his fourth lap I was only on my third, if you don't get this saying ask me about it sometime).  Both Steve and the other guy ran a great race, and they knew right when to pass me, guess I need to work on a kick in the future.  I chased them across the Walnut Street bridge but couldn't catch them. I noticed the clock right before I crossed the finish line the clock saying 1:24:50 (my official time was 1:24:44). This was a new PR for me by almost 5 minutes or so.  I remember what Lisa told me right before my last bathroom break, and that was "This will be a good race for you, I feel it" can't say she was wrong on that account, she normally isn't wrong on these matters.

I gave the two guys that beat me a hand shake and a good job, and Lisa, Bex and I went to grab some food. They had some fruit I ate an orange and some watermelon chatted with a few of the other finishers and then headed out. Had a chat with Steve the TNT'er we chatted about what races we did for TNT and I was kind of waiting for the results to be posted. Bex was getting fussy and we decided to head out. Bex feel asleep on the car ride home Lisa and I got Mochas from Sheetz and a doughnut for me. When we got back I took Bex for a 5 mile run around the neighborhood. The Marines Corps Marathon training plan said 18 miles this weekend (can't cheat on that). I got back and looked up the results on-line I was 4th in my age group (glad I didn't stick around) and 22nd overall not to bad for me.

I guess that setting a PR is a good sign my training is going well and I hope I can say I qualified for Boston on the 28th of October.

That is all from me race fans