Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to Manually Upload Zwift Rides to Garmin Connect

Since I am a primary Garmin Connect user, since I had a Garmin watch since 2008, I would like all my crazy and wild work outs to be in Garmin Connect.  With this past year I became aware of software I can use in my trainer that would prevent me from going completely mad, and prevent me from watching 2001 Tour de France videos on YouTube for the millionth time.  The one software package I choose to use is called Zwift, which lets you ride on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and also on the UCI 2015 World Championship course in Richmond Virginia.  I chose this software because it gave you a 50km free trial or 14 days whatever comes first.  So since I keep my workouts in Garmin Connect, and all Zwift will do is upload to Strava I don't have an automatic way to upload to Garmin Connect.  Zwift also saves a .FIT file out to your Document directory.  So here are the steps to manually upload to Garmin Connect.

To manually upload the .FIT file to Garmin Connect: 

  1. Open Garmin Connect in a web browser: 
  2. Log in if you need to 
  3. Go to the activities page
  4. In the upper right hand corner of the page you will see a link for Import, click on that
  5. A dialog box will appear, and then click on "Choose File" 
  6. Find the .FIT file you want to upload, on Windows they are in the Document/Zwift/Activities
  7. Click on the file that you want to upload
  8. Then click on the "Upload activity from file"
Don't worry if you have you Garmin Connect account linked with Strava, the new workout will not overwrite the current activity that Zwift sends to Strava. I also did ask Zwift if they are planning to create a process to automatically upload to Garmin Connect, and they said currently they are not working on it.

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